April 21, 2006


Inspired by events that I'll make more clear to you next week, here's the result of some long months of work:

The initial desire is always to tell a story, and I was looking for a happy one. I had been looking at little golden books a lot, trying to fun-up my little girl story and going nuts over the Incredibles and Boundin'. I walked around a lot, watched a lot of movies, drank coffee, scribbled in notebooks and one day started writing in verse. From the mountain of ideas that the three words ONE MAN BAND conjoured, I fiddled refined, wrote, designed and boarded the bits of a film.

When I thought ONE MAN BAND, I imagined perklunkity jazzy dixieland music, old time circuses, small town America, and the 30's-40's-50's; a lanky vagabond fellow in a red coat with epaulets and a cornet. It seemed to me a perfect classic Disney film idea--the kind of thing that Ward Kimball and his crew might enjoy making; and it seemed to me too that they'd do a helluva job, which effectively raised the bar pretty high.

The thought was: what if someone was just born to be a ONE MAN BAND? What if he couldn't help but be one? Must be awkward at dinner. And weddings. And school. And if he's in a band. But what if you can't help being who you are?

Intros over, more next week.
All colour courtesy of Painter and Photoshop, otherwise, thank pencil & paper.