September 07, 2005

Addendum: Walt Stanchfield

There are a few I failed to include in my grid of influences; most notably, Walt Stanchfield, and his gesture class.

If there is anything one should read about drawing, it is the Stanchfield notes. Walt regularly taught a gesture drawing class at Disney, and these notes were his handouts, often largely comprised of drawings from the class. Today many of the co-contributors are active and renown, some carrying on the traditions of Walt's Words of Wisdom.

Enrico Casarosa recently posted about Tom Gately teaching a gesture class at Pixar U; Jim Hull at Seward Street regularly shares entries by Dave Pimentel , doing something similar. The incredible Mr. Joe Moshier is, of course, the new standard for design at Disney, and Clay Kaytis is the fellow behind the Animation Podcast. John Webber is now one of the creatives behind Project Firefly and Aliki Theofilopoulos currently works for Nickelodeon. (Hopefully I've got all my information right; let me know if I haven't.)

Unfortuantely, I haven't much to post, as my notes were borrowed and never returned a few years ago. They are invaluable, though; the bible of expressive drawing, written in a spirit of fun, exploration and courage through drawing adversity. I like that Walt asks us not just to go the whole way and make bold, emotional, storytelling drawings, but that he asks us to connect with ourselves, with the world and with our fellow artists. For years now, all throughout college and ever since, I have poured over, soaked in and tried to share the wisdom and enthusiam of the Stanchfield notes. Fellows like Joe Moshier, Dave Pimentel and Tom Gately introduced me to new approaches and aesthetics of drawing, combining feeling, observation, design and storytelling. To all associated, I am eternally grateful.

Sadly, Walt passed away in October 2000 -- For a few of Walt's handouts, please check out Animation Meat. My apologies to those without drawings posted--like I said, I no longer have many notes, and my apologies to those with drawings posted, as I know they're not mine, so I hope you don't mind.


  1. Nice story, great posting!!

  2. whenever I had time I attended walt's
    classes in L.A. during work on roger
    rabbit I had met him, because he gave
    his classes there as well. in L.A. later it was so much fun, because walt
    had such a dry humour. over the years
    he handed out his lectures and I collected them. he even gave me copies of a lot of the older ones. so I have a collection of probably 400
    lectures. it's a treasure

  3. Holy cow! That's amazing. I wish there was a book; every page is precious. Thanks so much for posting!

  4. a treasure indeed!