September 28, 2005

Blogged out.

Sorry all, I'm all blogged out, and I have to get back to work now. It was all those damn festival reviews!--a three week work stoppage. I do intend to start posting some development art for the story portfolio I'm working on right now, something I'm really excited about! But I do need to finish a few things first.

Hopefully you won't stop coming by; soon I'll have new stuff to show you.



  1. Green with envy. Jeez.

  2. You're the only one!

    Simplifies things though--in the end it's just the four of us, some excited opinions, a bunch of tombows and reams of chromacolour.

  3. That's true-ish. In any case, let's do something with that chromacolour and those Tombows. Mono 100 activate!

  4. Form of... AN ICE UNICYCLE!

  5. Shape of.... A SOD WALRUS!