September 23, 2005

TIFF: Etcetera

Yes, I know--the Film Festival ended last week.
It took me a while to catch up.
Now that all my reviews are done (which I'm sure nobody read), I can finally post some visuals. Sadly, the topic is still the fest, but I guess this wraps it up. I wish I could watch/talk/draw movies all day, but usually the fest is my glut for the year. I hope someone gets some use out of these reviews--goes and watches something, attends a festival, writes reviews of their own--I sure found it a great excercise. Film is a big part of my cultural intake and as an aspiring storyteller, I think it's good for me to cultivate my critical faculties this way. Plus it's awesome when you see something great and it sure is fun to share it.

These were all done between films. Enjoy!

A gnarly old tree at the U of T campus

People sitting around Yorkville

Holt's Cafe and a delicious open-faced sandwich
(with wild mushrooms and leeks)


My journal, and more people sitting around

That old Elgin drawing again, and below,
line ups for Drawing Restraint 9

Matthew Barney himself
(with programmer Cameron Bailey)

As an addendum, I encourage everyone to see all the documentaries, the Squid & the Whale, Dear Wendy, L'Enfant and Manderlay--my top pics! And to everyone I ran in to--Mattias, Dave and Mark; Michelle; Charlene (and cousin); Mr. Barillaro; psych majors, movie critics,
Dani, James, Matt and Jenny--fun times.
OK, I promise this time--goodbye.