September 09, 2005

TIFF Day 2: Bertrand, Gilliam, Quay

This was a day of madness, sheer madness, head to toe. No answers today, only questions; I'll have to return to these.

Diane Bertrand's film L'Annulaire centers around the strange situation Iris finds herself in upon losing the tip of her ring finger. She lands a job at a laboratory where people deposit items from their pasts--a place where these troubling, embarassing, hurtful, charged items may be forgotten. A couple mushrooms, the bones of a pet, a musical score, mah jong tiles... what is Iris willing to sacrifice?

Terry Gilliam's Tideland is about a little girl growing up under very strange, very adverse conditions. A very difficult watch. Introducing it, he warned the audience that it might take some time to set in. I'm going to give it that....

And The Brothers Quay production, The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes drifts around the death and rejuvenation of a beautiful opera singer, her fiance, her obsessive admirer, and the titular piano tuner who is contracted to repair a man's automatons--window box machines with ethereal, moving dioramas. A dark, mechanical, Bocklinesque tragedy-dream. This is going to need some time too.

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  1. Cool about Quay movie
    I love their work.
    I was at the festival premiere of there first feature a few years back when they were there and had a q and a.
    Pretty interesting how they intereacted

    I watched that documentary of Gilliams Don Quitoxe a little while back which was kind of sad and interesting