May 08, 2006


Below, some roughs.

I'm a believer in the idea that the visuals should contribute something different than the text and the sound, and at various times vintage photo albums, horse racing, gophers with earmuffs, old italian men sitting on their stoops, calisthenics, drunken relatives, an elephant and a full fledge marching band crept into my story; needless to say, they were cut. Some fun ideas though.

There's also a couple pages of notes in here because, you know, I do a fair bit of thinking and writing and planning about this stuff too--trying to figure out arcs and patterns, logical progressions and fun bits of business.

Also, some closer ups of some of the pitch boards, because I know they're small in the sequential version. If there are any others you fellas would particularly like to see, let me know.