May 10, 2006


We're heading into the home stretch now--I'm running out of material to post. Below are some thumbnails which turned miraculously into my final reel, a section of which follows. As far as I can remember, these are tinier than is reasonable; I'll see if I can find the page they're all from...

And these then are the panels for my story reel--a more explicit, developed version of the scenarios I'd imagined and thumbnailed. Whereas the story pitch boards require a bit of explanation, these should speak for themselves. I'm in talks with the Iron Scythe as to the possibility of throwing a quicktime up here so you can all watch the sequence for yourselves, but I guess that'll happen when it does. For now, a sampling of the drawings. Hope you enjoy 'em.

Here are a couple variations on that last panel where he has turtle legs for some reason. I thought it was cute but a little too weird; he looks happy though.


  1. really good drawings! love your blog

  2. Amazing posts Nick!!

    From all your posts one can really see how much effort and love you put into your project "The one man band". It looks truely lovely and has wonderful appeal.

  3. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Very, very cute.

    If those thumbnails are indeed tiny, then they're very readable and expressive.

    Good work.

  4. Thanks;
    I'm trying!