May 10, 2006


We're heading into the home stretch now--I'm running out of material to post. Below are some thumbnails which turned miraculously into my final reel, a section of which follows. As far as I can remember, these are tinier than is reasonable; I'll see if I can find the page they're all from...

And these then are the panels for my story reel--a more explicit, developed version of the scenarios I'd imagined and thumbnailed. Whereas the story pitch boards require a bit of explanation, these should speak for themselves. I'm in talks with the Iron Scythe as to the possibility of throwing a quicktime up here so you can all watch the sequence for yourselves, but I guess that'll happen when it does. For now, a sampling of the drawings. Hope you enjoy 'em.

Here are a couple variations on that last panel where he has turtle legs for some reason. I thought it was cute but a little too weird; he looks happy though.