May 13, 2006


This next little peek illustrates Mike meeting inspiration: an older ONE MAN BAND, who shares his enthusiasm and introduces him to performance and musicianship. The torch is soon passed and mikey sets forth to practice his vocation.

Above and below, some older OMB studies. At first I thought it would be confusing to have more than one OMB in the short, but in the end decided that there was no better way to introduce Mike to the idea of the OMB--he's already got the natural inclinations (with pots and pans), and this was the most direct way of providing him with guidance, encouragement and direction. Anyway, that's the way it works, right? You see something and you're like, "Man! I wanna do that!"

The idea of lineage is one that I like too, and one that I'm afraid we sometimes forget in the world of animation. Robert Henri called it the 'brotherhood", and suggested that it connects all of us through a common appreciation and thoughtfulness for art, and thus humanity and its truths. Part of the idea of this OMB project was to try to do well for the old Disney greats; to try to live up to the standards of quality they set and the type of well natured entertainment they encouraged through films generous with appeal and rich with character.