December 30, 2005

Hello Again.

Hi everyone, a quick stop in.

Very much fun is being had here, mostly walking around and occasionally looking at paintings. I've been to the Met 3 or 4 times now, and I still haven't come close to seeing everything. The Daniel Chester French sculptures are amazing though, and I did see a very nice little Hans Holbein. The downside is that every attraction is a zoo right now though due to damn tourists like me; there's always about 3000 people everywhere.

Thankfully I mostly spend my time finding moderately quiet places and brunching as much as humanly possible. I've had great experiences at places like Balthazar, Brown and Teany--very attractive refuges. But when I'm not enjoying tea and uncommonly good eggs, I'm writing and sketching and taking a lot of photos (which I'll have to post in February! Sorry Amelia!). Unfortunately I'm having a difficult time finding places to sit down and paint; hopefully I'll remedy this soon.

One place I was too nervous to pull out my sketchbook was at the Jazz Standard, front table and alone to see THE PRESERVATION HALL BAND! Best time ever. If you ever get a chance to hear this very spirited band, do--and bring a friend.

My sister's in town now, so it's off to do some touristy stuff--the Statue of Liberty and all; Times Square for new years? Sounds too crazy for me, but I guess we'll see--maybe I can spend the 8 hour wait standing and drawing people?

All the best, everyone; see you in 2006!

December 22, 2005



I'm still alive, and having a good time.

A week of irritating back pain and cold feet has been replaced with brisk winds and a transit strike--and a better appreciation for doing one's own laundry.

Anyway, I'm in what may be the only internet cafe in the city that exists for its own sake, and not to otherwise sell ice cream. I'm gonna keep it brief, or else I'll be here forever, but let me touch on a few highlights:

Sketchcrawl was fun, and very sudden--I had only just put down my bags before I hailed a cab to the Natural History Museum; very exciting! And some good drawing. I had the good fortune to meet a number of drawing savvy new yorkers, as well as finally getting to meet Enrico and a bunch of his friends, including Blue Sky painter Dice Tsutsumi. Really cool fellas.

Dani and James in the big city=very fun. Everything surrounding the PIXAR/MOMA show was very exciting. We were lucky enough to run into Pete Doctor at the exhibition, which was really nice. Went out for a big Jewish Katz's Deli luncheon with Rose and Isabel author/pixarian Ted Mathot and pals, which was super great; and later we went to see KING KONG which was... long. And the show itself? Wow. It's one thing to see the stuff in books, but in person? Jeez, those Lou Romano paintings? Those Peter Sohn heads? Ralph Eggleston colourscripts? Those Damn Teddy Newton Collages!? Yipes! Really good stuff! And we attended a lecture with John Lasseter!

A whole lotta walking..

more walking, nowhere to go to the washroom...

walk walk walk, 50, now 100 blocks...

The American Folk Art museum was an incredible collection in a stunning new building. I was floored by their exhibition, Obsessive Drawing, and by the works of AG Rizzoli, Henry Darger and scores of others--regular people and craftsmen, using art as a way of engaging with their regular lives; terrific.

The Guggenheim's Russia exhibition? Crazy good.

Sargent's at the Met? A recreated Frank Lloyd Wright room!? Leyendecker's at the Society of illustrators? Hirschfeld's at the Margo Feiden? An American Tragedy at the other Met? All the concrete, steel, asphalt and candied cashews, peanuts and coconut that you can eat? Yeah, that's right. And lots of tea nooks. And I've picked up some really cool used books, which I'll share with you when I get back.

And it's only been a week and a half.
Crazy place.

Hope everyone's well;
if I don't get back here too soon, Happy Holidays!


December 01, 2005


well, it's abrupt, but this is the end.

I leave for New York City this weekend for sketchcrawl, MOMA/PIXAR stuffs and a whole bunch of drawing of my own. Unfortunately, my internet access at home is dead, and I've run out of files at work that I can post. So I guess this blog's going on a long haitus.

I don't have a laptop or digital camera--not even in my phone-so who knows if I'll be able to update from NYC; maybe from an internet cafe? Maybe. I'm very analog: sketchbooks and slide film, pencils and watercolours. I'm going away for quite a while, so hopefully when I come back I'll have a tonne of fun stuff to show.

As for my portfolio, well it's done, but I haven't the connection to show you. Maybe in the new year? Anyway, check in periodically and maybe there'll be something new, but for now I'm off to the New York of Miroslav Sasek, Joseph Pennell, Brian Rose, Anthony Tung, Ric Burns and Jane Jacobs; have a happy holidays.