December 31, 2017

December 06, 2017


"Taste is the form par excellence of amor fati. The habitus generates representations and practices which are always more adjusted than they seem to be to the objective conditions of which they are the product.

To say with Marx that 'the petit bourgeois cannot transcend the limits of his mind' (others would have said the limits of his understanding) is to say that his thought has the same limits as his condition, that his condition in a sense doubly limits him, by the material limits which it sets to his practice and the limits it sets to his thought and therefore his practice, and which make him accept, and even love, these limits.

We are now better placed to understand the specific effect of the 'raising of consciousness'; making explicit what is given presupposes and produces a suspension of immediate attachment to the given so that the knowledge of probable relationships may become dissociated from recognition of them; and amor fati can thus collapse into odium fati, hatred of one's destiny."

Pierre Bourdieu