February 28, 2008

The Early Bird Painters

Gouache painting by Dice Tsutsumi

Gouache painting by Jennifer Chang

Pastel painting by Bill Cone

Perhaps you don't know, but I'm a member of a group called the Early Bird Painters, a collection of Pixarians and friends who occasionally wake up early and go painting. Well, a show was organized and opened at Studio Gallery on Polk Street, and I'm proud to say that a few of my little paintings are hanging with the likes of friends like Dice Tsutsumi, Jennifer Chang, Noah Klocek, Bill Cone, Robert Kondo, Ernesto Nemesio and Enrico Casarosa. The show is up from Wednesday, February 20th - Sunday, March 9th.

Follow the link, visit the gallery and buy a painting if you're in town!

The Early Bird Painters Blog
Studio Gallery

February 26, 2008


Photo by arcticlamb

In other news, a big chunk of my old block in Toronto burned down recently. No one was hurt, and it wasn't the whole street, thank goodness, but it's still very sad--old Queen and Bathurst was a wild, varied, neighbourhoody place, and I hope it gets back on its feet soon. Here's to everyone who lost their home or business! Good luck.

February 25, 2008

And the Oscar goes to.... Ratatouille!

To everyone at the studio--a job very well done! This was an exciting film to watch come together. Persepolis and Surf's Up and the whole row of nominated shorts show that the bar is rising...! A big congrats to everyone nominated--great work! Let's hope 2008 is just as exciting.

February 19, 2008

February 15, 2008

February 08, 2008

February 03, 2008

Uncle David


I should also mention that I kept a small journal while abroad; I guess I can share some of those sketches too. My preference is to draw from life, but when there just isn't any time, I take notation, visual and written, snap a photo if circumstances allow, and later use these fragments to construct larger diaries. It's time consuming and sometimes quite challenging, but ultimately well worth it. It's a good system.

So that's what you'll be seeing; these tiny sketches are my notes.