December 27, 2010

l o o k i n g . b a c k

looking back at the year requires more consideration than I can offer in the short days before '11. there were major shifts in circumstance, and many challenges to character and temperament and capability. it was, in the end, a year of sea change, and a good one, with swift, easy currents and fathomable, awesome depths, and schools and schools of colorful, beautiful fish.

i can't say where it all will lead, except into the new year, bright with opportunity and more of the good friends and family who've borne me this far already. a toast to you on this wintry day, along the edge of something new, our next great adventure: tomorrow. cheers!

December 08, 2010


has returned
from mountain and social climbing,
sleeve and joint rolling, video and life editing,
sight- and over-seeing,
is video-recording life in San Francisco
for two weeks in December,
and is hungry. for nettles, lentils, and radicchio;
for a space to feed our friends.

December 06, 2010

b o o m !

after late nights of driving, scavenging, stealing, and cassette recording, E. N. and i finished a sculpture recently selected for southern exposure's 18th annual juried exhibition, BOOM!  it opens this friday, december 10th from 6-9pm at SOEX, 3030 20th street, san francisco, and will remain up until the 18th. i hope to see you there!

for more information, please visit southern exposure. thanks!

November 29, 2010

November 04, 2010

i n . t r a n s i t

apologies for the less than infrequent posting; i'm off on an adventure right now and can't seem to find the time for anything. i'll share more in the coming months, but for now, these photos, from a recent proposal, will have to do: life in transit.

September 26, 2010

September 16, 2010

r e a d i n g c o n v e n t i o n s c i t y r e a d e r

i recently participated in julie cloutier's reading conventions, an investigation of the city, through, here, the sidewalk.

invited to inhabit a storefront on busy 16th and valencia and respond as the situation demanded, i opened cabinet drawers, assembled an archive of objects, reorganized books and made a drawing in the shape of the entirety of the windowfront, cleaned. i anticipate more involvement in the future, but in the meanwhile, please read, support and consider reading conventions.

many thanks to julie cloutier; devon, katie, and andrew at the adobe books back room gallery. visit julie at adobe books at 16th between valencia and guerrero, until september 26th.

August 31, 2010

August 26, 2010

SX . c l o s e d

we recently closed our installation with a day long celebration.

with friends, family, and the support of the neighborhood, we enjoyed a month and a half of generous patronage and in return exchanged attentive conversation, historical insight, beer, and a trio of sandwiches on homemade breads: peach jam and almond butter; hummus; and gruyere grilled cheese with onion jam, all made fresh by spirited homecook Erin Klenow.

as time passes, we continue to catalogue our findings, and are currently in the midst of collecting our thoughts on the success of our investigation. please visit the Carville Annex website to view our collection, read our journal, and keep involved with the Sunset District through the Upper Left Ethnography Project's ongoing investigation into portraiture and place.

many thanks again to Alexis, Sarah, and Lana, and the many friends we made along the way, without whom this project would not have been possible.


July 12, 2010

SX .

to advertise our closing this sunday, we got some beautiful grey on grey posters made at levi's workshop: print. endless thanks to hunter, ann marie and taylor for helping us out!

jason munn of the small stakes was busy working on a run of show posters, kids were playing with stamps, girls were printing linoleum cuts, and ideas for menus, neighborhood signs, and other projects were getting worked out, while we stood in the front window with the big machine.

for the full vandercook 32-28 letterpress experience, i urge you to visit the shop in the mission at 17th and valencia — project in hand — and read our brief account on the carville annex blog, july 11th.