June 12, 2013

n / a

i'm happy to announce that after many months of planning,

i've recently opened n/a, an exhibition and event space

in oakland, california.

with a focus on the queer experience in contemporary art practice,

n/a seeks to gather individuals and communities of diverse social

and political backgrounds, with programming that encourages

critical dialog, lends legibility and visibility to queer artists and

ideas, and produces new imaginaries. it is curated by myself

with the help of a community of organizers. many thanks to

kait mooney, christopher f├╝llemann, kristine eudey, alex

maldonado, alexandra anderson, rocket caleshu, daniel

nevers, and lindsay reed for their love, hard work,

and support.

i'm very excited to tell you about our first show,

your motion says you're in the mood, new work

by christopher f├╝llemann. in the meantime,

visit out our website, friend us on facebook,

and drop by if you're in town.