November 29, 2005


This post really should be about writing, I'm still not online at home so I can't furnish you with pictures or drawings of any sort. As well--I've run out of time. I'm leaving for a vacation on sunday. So what's to become of this blog between now and then? Not much I'm afraid until I can scan some stuff in, and anyway, I'm busy tying up loose ends. Needless to say, this makes it difficult to show any sort of progression as far as my portfolio film goes--

Oh well. A few more before I leave. We'll skip writing for now and say that it was very difficult and time consuming and in many ways the most fun. But of course along with it came the problem of finding suitable music for my short. I surveyed jazz and blues and dixieland music, but had a tough time finding something in the spirit of what I'd envisioned. What was peppy like Toot Whistle Plunk & Boom?

From the pages of my sketchbook, some jazzy research sketches. I think my favourite is Mr. Jimmy Smith, about halfway down. I hope y'all dig.


  1. Those are amazing. Very very cool catz you've got there in red.


  2. I also favor the Jimmy Smith drawing.
    Good stuff.

  3. Anonymous2:06 AM

    hey nicky
    these reds are fresh,
    wicked scribbles...
    next time try adding skin tones
    and you will take these to the next level, yes I know its rapid sketching but the first 3 look like
    they are white guys with black features while the 4th one from the
    top looks like his hitting the right notes....just a thought


    fellow animation artist

  4. Beautiful stuff, I love the trumpet player also, lots of feeling.

  5. really cool stuff as usual...

  6. thanks all.

    anonymous, i feel like it's more my failure to capture those features in line/design than the colour of the drawings. but thanks--will definitely work to improve!


  7. Anonymous4:44 AM

    genial, tres vif et tres expressif.

  8. Great character sketches man, even enjoy the Jazz subject manner. . . .you're a very talented man.