April 07, 2006

Being John Malkovich.

BJM--tragic. This week however: much improved. Next week, this series won't really continue, as I'm quickly running out of paintings and Charlie Kaufman movies. In any case, hopefully I'll be a bit more on track with my schedule, and there'll be better stuff to post. Have a good weekend, everyone.

Also, if anyone is able to, watch the CBC this Sunday 10pm, for STREET FIGHT by Marshall Curry, an incredible documentary and one of the most compelling films I've ever seen. I caught it at the Hot Docs festival in Toronto last year, and just recently it was nominated for an Academy Award for best documentary feature. It ended up losing to those marching penguins, but anyway, for more information on the film, click here. I strongly encourage you to watch this, buy the DVD and vote Cory Booker. Please.

Hope all is well for the weekend and well into the week.


  1. Good stuff. But...umm.....You're missing a line....
    Good luck with the next little while.

  2. missing a line?


    Jenny says this is ugly, and that I should take it down. Probably good advice.

    Good luck to you too.