March 25, 2007

BLOG : Do it for the fat lady

One of the best times I've had in animation was developing films with Jay Kim--and wow did he set the pace. At Sheridan College we developed a bunch of films and came up with some rich material; one of the closest relatable experiences is working here at Pixar. Iron shapens iron, as they say.

Jay is one of those rare people who seems to have a natural intuition for doing things right. His drawings at their best have what is rare and precious: sincerity, sensitivity, and, something he'd describe as insight. He was a big influence on me and a number of my peers, and he deserves all the best! Here is a bunch of his work from college, and a couple years beyond; please check out his blog and encourage him to ROCK OUT! (not that he needs any help).

Please visit Jason Kim.

All awesomeness by Jason Kim


  1. jason kim site is an awesomw place, i discover it some time ago and suddenly i've created a Kim folder on my HD. it's a complete autor, lots of cartoony, serious,bkg, paintings and many other great stuff.
    a good advice!

  2. clouds are zangin

  3. nick, grrreat friggin' stuff.

    congrats on the pixar fling, enjoy!

    i'm off to see jay's blog.

    sean wickett