March 23, 2007

BLOG : the Sartorialist

All photoshop.

I wanted to highlight a few of the blogs I find regular inspiration in. Here, the first! :

The Sartorialist. Fashion photographer Scott Schuman showcases people he sees on the streets of New York and across the fashion world in whom he finds style inspiration. It's appealing and challenging, and it makes me miss New York a lot. Every post is about freedom, design and the meaning of style; I can't get enough! If you see me in a tie, this is why.

Please visit The Sartorialist.

All photos by Scott Schuman.


  1. Oh man just the kind of thing I was looking for. I gotta show you some of my vintage photos. Tre cool!

  2. Hey dude ,
    Long time no talk .Could you write me at
    I can't find your e-mail address and I need to talk to you:)


    Sebastian(from Nelvana)

  3. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Yeah, I check it daily. One of the great things about it is that he photographs a range of people in a range of styles and states of dressiness. Not everyone is "fashiony", but everyone has their own way of doing things and you know he appreciates it. There're great photos of three NYU students up today (March 23rd).

  4. These people look just like your drawings! And I thought the photoshop pic up top was an actual photo! Looks like it when you blur your eyes.

  5. Thanks for the link Nick! A recent "picasso" post is awesome.

  6. Yeah man, it's an awesome site!

    I agree Jenny. I find fashion intimidating and I like that the Sartorialist celebrates personal choice--it's an adventure of creative juxtaposition!

    Amelia, that's very flattering. I wish I could draw life as interesting as it already is...!

    And Bobby, I agree; that guy's got a cool look!