April 26, 2008

Katie Lares

My friend Katie showed her collection last night at the Academy of Art University Graduation Fashion Show. It was steely and elegant and exciting--with gigantic flopsy bows, a mix of shimmery fabrics and complex wraps, wings and collars. Really beautiful work!

I think that hers was one of the standout collections; it was sort of futuristic, crumply cold and soft evening gown elegant all at the same time; it was forward and classic. Overall there was a lot of play with textiles and styling: huge silver jewelry and tight structured knitting, giant sock puppet balaclavas and even a collection of wooden dresses. I'm very glad I went. Great work Katie!

Photo Credit: Bob Toy, Academy of Art University


  1. beautiful skeches !

    And I most say, I particulary like your last post "Story at sea".
    I don't know why, there's something very special in these two illustrations that makes me feel good. It may be the complicity between the dog and the old man or it may be the choice of the colors...
    Anyway, congrats for the wonderful work ! :-)

  2. wonderful quick sketches!