April 15, 2008

Story At Sea.

I can't believe it's already been almost a month since my last post--a lot has happened, obviously, including, I'm happy to say, a little bout of painting. As Ronnie mentions here, our Story department had a little art auction, which took place this afternoon. Nearly everyone contributed, and it was very well attended. A lot of fun, surprising and exciting. Here are two of my three:

These were based on a character of Justin Wright's--an old salty dog, who he used to sketch while we were on Ratatouille.


  1. Nick, your paintings and their subject matter were some of my favourites! I'm sure Justin would have been honoured.

    You're right up there with the very best, as we all saw last night. Bravo!


  2. Both of these paintings put a smile on my face. I love the moodiness of them, absolutely beautiful.

    Also thank you for your comments.

  3. Nice stuff Nick. That top piece is awesome, lovely design.

  4. Anonymous9:53 AM

    I love these. Very charming.

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  6. I want to know who won the bid on these so that I can contact them and offer them double what they paid - love them both.

  7. Arrrr, Matey!! They look like they should be hanging in the Capn's quarters.

  8. lovely paintings man, a bit of whistler's mother in there i see.

    dude i'm sorry about justin, you guys have lost some real gems, dan, joe, now justin. let hope it stops there "Touch wood"

    it's like what tyrell says in blade runner "The candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long"

  9. These are great Nick.
    I'm glad I got to see them in person.

  10. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Nick Thanks for your comments on a gray day!
    Your oppinion came from a "gray friend" and that makes me feel better!
    I love your steaming ahead boat.
    Very much ! Do you really think this "Distant Song" is the best picture you like from me?
    I never thaught that someone
    could give me this nice present.
    THANK'S NICK ! Sergio

  11. Cool homage to Whistler's mom! Good luck with your career. :)

  12. I love the old saltiness of these two, especially the fisherman. Very cool.