June 08, 2010

i n . t h e . m i s s i o n

louis de la taille, this post is for you.

these pages were inspired by my friend richard haines. a very talented fashion illustrator, he's taken the model of bloggers like the sartorialist and other street photographers and extended it to drawing. a teacher at parsons, and once designer for bill blass, calvin klein and perry ellis, he takes a catch-as-catch-can approach to sketching, working mostly from life but also from his own photography. wherever he is - on the street or subway, at a show or event, or hanging out at home - richard manages to pinpoint the details and elements of personality that inspire him. he's a model draughtsman in his deeply sincere love of seeing.

san francisco can be a very fashionable city, depending on where you're strolling. the above drawings are from an extended coffee break at four barrel coffee in the mission district. it's one of a few spots nearby where one can see the new new thing although, as always, it's difficult to draw; i certainly need to practice.

meet the wonderful richard haines at his blog, what i saw today, and watch him draw and talk about his practice here \\\\\\\\\\ .

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