June 13, 2010

s a l a d . d a y s . r e v i s i t e d

recently, at the end of a longish day at pixar, i decided to go outside and photograph a painting by my friend christian robinson.

about a month ago i threw a party around the theme of salad days, referring to that time in our lives full of youthful enthusiasm,  naiveté, idealism, innocence, indiscretion and inexperience. i'd opened an invitation to make work - artwork, music, food and activity - hopeful my friends would each interpret the theme in a surprising, personal way. i'd love now to share some details of christian's contribution.

christian - a talented young illustrator whom i met in pixar's art department - came back with our invitation: a cocktail party with dashing emu, garlic queen and bat wings! in a few weeks we twisted and hung streamers and installed a long table runner and vase, in which we set tiny white blossoms on long, thin stems. christian's subject had shifted to the nautical and earthly, bridging the boundaries of our party, city, state and material world. corals sat beside gulls and pineapples, butterflies and sea-foam hourglasses, suggesting bright other-places: somewhere to go to? to come from? some bright beachside eden? anyway, more of the fruits of christian's salad day labors — i hope you like them.

also, i strongly encourage you to visit weird vegetables, where katrina has written a thoughtful, detailed account of the evening's meal and shared some reflection on the meaning of the phrase salad days: when we are green in judgement, cold in blood...

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