June 16, 2010

S X . i n s t a l l a t i o n

last minute building, lifting, truck lending, sign painting, vacuuming, and coconut drinking brought a month and a half of planning to an end: this weekend we installed and opened our show, the SANDWICH EXCHANGE, at the carville annex

facilitated by the upper left ethnography project, an initiative spearheaded by alexis petty, sarah fontaine and lana porcello, the SANDWICH EXCHANGE aligns their interests in examining place and portraiture, the sunset district and the people who live in it  — but i'll go into the details of the operation later. 

let me take this opportunity to thank alexis, sarah and lana, for their trust and good faith, thoughtfulness, support and generosity; tireless brett macfadden without whom nothing would be built or designed or aesthetically perfect; and, most dear, endlessly patient erin klenow, without whom there would be nothing to exchange, no sandwiches, and no adventure. thanks!

thanks to leigh anna for the photos!

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